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Safe Lane Gaming AB is an established acquisition-intensive holding company within the gaming sector. SLG and its subsidiaries acquire and manage games for all platforms available for the public.

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Battle Camp
Battle Camp is a MMORPG and the first acquisition of the company. The company’s sole purpose is to run and maintain the game Battle Camp.
Raketspel AB
Raketspel Interaktiva Produkter AB is SLG’s second subsidiary company. It’s a gaming studio based on Kungsholmen in Stockholm.
Vanguard Gaming Studios
Vanguard Gaming Studio handles the games that don’t have a stand alone organisation within SLG.
SLG Operations
SLG Operations is a cross functional team of internal and external talents. They are known as the synergy makers of SLG.


Battle Camp

42 000 000+ downloads

Castle Raid!

44 million+ MAU 2021

Cut This!

100 000+ downloads

Dig This!

33 million+ MAU in 2021

Downhill Chill

154 000+ MAU 2021