Downhill Chill

Experience the thrill of ski racing downhill at a dangerously high speed. Make flips, upgrade your racer and knock down the competition to finish ahead!

154 000+ MAU in 2021

Free to play

iPhone frame


Free to play

MAU in 2021

154 000+



About Downhill Chill

Ski through different courses against various competitors and reach the finish line first to advance to the next level. Downhill Chill is a fast paced ski racing game where you compete against avatars to reach the finish line. The game offers numerous levels, mountains and challenges. It is a classic Hyper Casual game with a quick learning curve.

Downhill Chill is distributed through Azerion and will be preinstalled on new Android phones through the mobile operators.

  • I like this game, this game graphics are so cool, and this time passing game

  • It’s the best. I love this app

  • Love this game!

  • So I looovvveee this app soooo much and my only feedback is to make more levels

  • Fun game

  • Finally a good ski game where you can get your skiing fix!

  • So far fun!

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