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Battle Camp is a MMORPG and the first acquisition of the company. The company’s sole purpose is to run and maintain the game Battle Camp.






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Battle Camp is a MMORPG and the foundation of Safe Lane Gaming. It was the first acquisition of the company, so this is where the story began. The game is an entire world inside your mobile device. A place where you can meet friends, form clans and conquer numerous exciting events. The subsidiary consist of a global team with all the functions of a stand alone organization i.e. Game Design, Community Manager, Dev Team, Artists and Support.

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Strategic partnerships

At Safe Lane Gaming we look at partnerships as one of our cornerstones. Through strong partnerships we can gain important knowledge on a technical, geographical, or resource scale. The following partnerships are great examples of this as they have opened doors into the Asian markets, optimized our IAA (In App Advertisement) and helped out with our server solutions.

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Battle Camp

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