Battle Camp

The world of Battle Camp is a place where you can meet friends, form clans and conquer numerous exciting events. Battle Camp has over 42 million downloads since launch. The game has almost 1 million followers on facebook.

42 000 000+ downloads


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42 000 000+


Released 2103


Released 2015

About Battle Camp

With over 1850 different monsters and 3 different game genres in one, it is a complex, as well as interesting, game with players who have been running for several years.

Competitions and events are held every week Thursday – Tuesday. Then we have PVP- and spin-events alternate every Wednesday, where you get your chance to measure your strengths with others.

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  • Very addicting – Love it

  • Love this game.

  • Definitely recommend this game to everyone

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  • This game is the best. The social tools phonominal! I am having a great time!

  • Lots of fun to play, and involves more strategy than a lot of the team fighting, tile matching games.

  • This game is great its very addictive

Weekly events

In Battle Camp there are several different weekly events. These are rotated with PvP played between each event. Each event is targeted at a different gaming style in the BC world. Players compete for the best monsters and to give their troop a flag on the world map. Whether you like to battle epic bosses, fight other live players, or have scheduled match times, there is something for everyone with our great events!

Seasonal events

Holidays in Battle Camp are celebrated by seasonal events! These always have epic bosses that can only be attacked by special holiday event monsters. Players join troops to battle against each other in the twice daily troop versus troop battles. All of Camp celebrates the holiday by decorations being added to every zone. This is a great bump in revenu on a approximately 2 month interval with Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween and Christmas as the four biggest Seasonal Events.

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