Our lanes

As every strategic game has it’s lanes, so do we. We derive from the safe lane, but to reach our goals we need our heroes. Right now SLG consists of Raketspel, Battlecamp AB, Vanguard Gamings Studios and our synergy makers SLG Operations. By keeping a versatile set up of subsidiaries we believe that we get the best synergies to succeed.

Battle Camp

Battle Camp is a MMORPG and the first acquisition of the company. The company’s sole purpose is to run and maintain the game Battle Camp.

Raketspel AB

Raketspel Interaktiva Produkter AB is SLG’s second subsidiary company. It’s a gaming studio based on Kungsholmen in Stockholm.

Vanguard Gaming Studios

Vanguard Gaming Studio handles the games that don’t have a stand alone organisation within SLG.

SLG Operations

SLG Operations is a cross functional team of internal and external talents. They are known as the synergy makers of SLG.

Intergroup Synergies

With a broad portfolio comes a lot of knowledge and experience. A very important part of Safe Lange Gaming and our way of working is utilizing these important factors to benefit all of our verticals and all of our games. For example by using a marketing campaign in e FPS we can get information that will be beneficial for our Hyper Casuals or MMOPRGs. Or if we find a good way to work with the IAA (In App Advertising) in one IP, we can use these experiences in another completely different type of game. The ongoing work with synergies help us reduce both risks and costs while maintaining and keeping our IPs profitable.