About us – Safe Lane Gaming



Safe Lane Gaming (SLG) is a growth company focusing on the acquisition and development of games for a global gaming market. The company provides games for a broad customer group. Battle Camp was the first of SLG’s games on all publicly available mobile platforms. Since then a number of games and assets have been added to the portfolio, including the gaming studio Raketspel. SLG’s headquarter is situated in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, although the staff are spread out all over the world.

Overview of SLG’s organisation structure

SLG’s continued strategy is to grow organically and aid future profitability with continued strategic acquisitions in the gaming market.



Raketspel Interactiva Produkter AB is SLG’s second subsidiary company. SLG purchased the Swedish studio in April 2021. Today all employees work with the entire group. Raketspel brings Dig This, Cut This, Mine Rescue and many more games to SLG’s Portfolio.

Raketspel mostly focuses on hyper casual mobile games. Maintenence and Production of new games is a core factor within the company. 

Battlecamp AB

The story of SLG started with the acquisition of Battle Camp from MIR partners in the USA. We are 100% owners of the game and history. Today we have a dev, art, animation, liveops, and community team, spread out over the world to take care of the game 24/7. 

Since our saga began we have added new content, new competitions, and events to the game and new sales records have been hit more than 4 times. 

Vanguard Gaming Studio

Within Safe Lane Gaming AB we started Vanguard Gaming Studio to handle Death Dungeon and Idle War Camp. Two games in the portfolio that attract another type of player. 

This is the core business for VGS – to help SLG to create a wide, uniquely diverse portfolio to be able to serve all mobile gamers in the world with something they are interested to play.