Fan of Guns

Fan of Guns is a fast paced FPS in a pixel environment. This multi player game is a combination of multiple popular gaming features and attracts a wide variety of players.

5,5 million Downloads

IOS & Android

iPhone frame


5,5 million


First Person Shooter



About Fan of Guns

Fan of Guns combines numerous popular gaming elements such as pixel graphics, first person shooter and multiplayer. With over 5 500 000 unique downloads and over 400 000 monthly players Fan of Guns really captures a broad audience all around the world.

  • This game is awesome like any other game nice guns, skins and characters are great overall a gooooood game with pretty graphics

  • I love this game

  • Omg this game… JUST AWESOME… I want you (developer) to add more modes. Cause the animation, graphics are awesome!!!

  • The game is good I give is A+

  • Best game ever it has good graphics and good game! Download this game!!

  • it is so so so so so so so fun I love it

  • Played the game 2 years or something like that and I had fun, and I’m playing this today and yea, take 5 stars and shut up

  • The game is amazing it has realistic physics and overall smooth movements for a blocky game it’s good

  • I really love this game especially when you can get 8 free crates and even get a knife plus if you kill somebody you get 2 money, Download it it’s really fun

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