Death Dungeon

A great RPG that brings the player back to the classic hack and slash format. The game was created by one of SLGs own project managers and is cherished within the portfolio.

600 000+ downloads

Ios & Android



600 000+





About Death Dungeon

The development possibilities for Death Dungeon are incredible. Since becoming a part of SLG the game now is on the worlds two biggest platforms iOS and Android.

The game currently generates revenue through in-app purchases and advertising, but also has great potential for future subscription solutions

  • Very fun combat and inventory management. Good job!


  • I enjoy this game a lot

  • This game is so exciting I recommend this 100% I’m speechless on how good this game is

  • Great game ten stars

  • Love the concept and the amount of loot and really everything about it so far just started out but no complaints.

  • This game is fun so far I just started but I do like all the freedom to explore the maps and the combat is excellent I’m going to explore the game a little more give you more feedback

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